About me

Hello, wonderful soul! I am a senior at Caldwell University, NJ. With a deep interest in artificial intelligence and machine learning, I am pursuing computer science and mathematics as my majors. Since childhood, numbers had always been my comfort zone. However, I became fascinated by computers when I realized that it can fully harness the beauty of Mathematics.

Today, running gradient descent through my life curve to find the line of best fit, I feel proud to have rubbed shoulder with great inspiring colleagues and professors and stumbled into many areas of arts and sciences that have truly enriched my experience as a Human Being. I truly believe, we, Human Being, have the potential to settle on Mars, harness Dark Energy, solve Millenium Problems, and befriend aliens by traveling through wormholes. I wish to be a small part of this human endeavour.

Also, I find comfort in reading books, viewing rain through window pane, sipping a cup of coffee in morning, strumming acoustic guitar, playing random songs in unheard languages, googling cat memes, petting neighbour's dog, watching Alan Turing fixing his machine, watering a vase of flower in my study table, laughing in repeated jokes, crying listening to stories, and most importantly, passing unconditional love to people. Let Maya rule the world!

Since 1996, staying hungry; staying foolish.